Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Livetweet Event

As you may or may not be aware, recently I had a plan brewing on the social networks of the internet. A plan worthy of a villain of my quality, and perfect for the season.

I planned to steal Santa Claus's sleigh.

Imagine what someone like me could do with knowledge of the tech and magics needed to circle the globe in a night and leave things at every house along the way. Two words spring to my mind right away:

Flying Truckasaurus.

Anyway, I decided to keep everyone online informed of what was going on by posting on Twitter and Facebook throughout my Christmas Eve stakeout.

It began early in the day, chronicled in Agent Wraith's radio show. You'll want to listen to the episode from 12/24/2011: "Ubermas 2011: Operation Kill Kringle." Yeah, I had a little trouble keeping my rockets in check.

Soon enough, night came, and the adventure began. Below are screenshots of everything I was posting, along with some of the reactions and responses from the night. All put in one place for easy access. I should apologize to some who were chatting with me during this who don't end up in these shots. So much was going on and so many were reacting that I wasn't able to grab it all.

From this point on, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday 2011

This was 100% Olivr's idea.

Much to come next year. There may be some small updates before then, but all the big stuff won't be till 2012.
Until next time!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Time Travel Leftovers

So it seems that my adventures through time weren't 100% successful in fixing the timestream back to normal, as evidenced by this picture given to me by Agent Wraith.

I did spend a lot of time in the late 1800s.
So, I guess just keep your eyes open the next time you flip through a history book. I might still be in there somewhere.

If you do find something (or make something), do e-mail it to me at I love seeing myself in your pictures. It's like I'm photo-bombing the world.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

You asked for it

Holy crap.

The response I've seen since introducing Olivr has been overwhelming. Now I have people telling me that Olivr needs to make his own status updates, and you all want more of him.

Well, ask and you shall receive. I'm not trusting him with too much, yet, as he might unintentionally give away some of the lab's secrets. I have, however, set up a facebook page where you can like the innocent little bugger and talk to him directly. Maybe you can help him learn how to be evil, I don't have nearly the time to hover over him fixing his ways.

Click his big, cubist head to be taken to the page:

Don't forget, you can also do the same for me. Just click on my big, cubist head to go to that page as well:

I'm willing to bet Olivr's going to get way more likes than I.
Sigh. The creation is always better known than the creator. Just like Frankenstein.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hostage Games

Here's my Thanksgiving gift to you all. A new video, SHOT ON LOCATION.

Opening a piece of paper is really difficult in lab gloves.

Heather Gilbert as Heather Gilbert

Rich Rendeiro

Some sound effects from:

Music by:
Reginald L. Seay Jr.:
Momoko Fujimoto:!.html
Kevin MacLeod:

Trivial Pursuit is all trademarks and copyrights of Hasbro. I'm not making money off this, so please don't sue me, boardgame giant.

Friday, November 4, 2011


I look forward to fans telling me I'm trying to copy Octavius Fong.
Now I just need to teach this thing how to be evil.

Music credits:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

NYCC 2011 Roundup!

Well, it's finally all put together. The grand story of 2011's New York City Comic-Con. I'm not going to waste your time with much introduction, all you need to know is that I went there and tailed the Justice Duo, making their lives miserable for my own amusement.

Now hold onto your butts, because we've got tons of pictures and video compiled between myself and Justice to show.

Oh, and if you want to skip the pictures and go straight to the videos, scroll really fast. They're after the pictures.


Upon arriving, everyone was greeted with footage advertising the new Batman movie, which was actually filming in NYC at the time.
The outside of the Javits Center, decked out with nerd ads.
Hallmark had a booth for the upcoming ornaments. You too can have a Christmas tree full of Tauntaun.
A furry inside Bumblebee. My mind broke. It will never heal.
There were a lot of Optimus Prime displays. Even giant lego ones.
Plague doctors look strange, but they're all about peace. They are doctors, after all.
I love the Spy vs. Spy figures.
Give an artist a blank Spy, and you get all sorts of styles.
Surprising to see so many spies that were black AND white.
Tinman Spy, however, is my favorite. I am a bit partial to metal, though.
Lots of crowds could be seen the whole weekend. This is probably the quietest moment ever photographed.
A ton of Adventure Time was going on. Panels, and this huge booth where there was an endless line to get pics taken with Finn and Jake.
Whoa! It's Dr. McNinja and is assistant!
DRAMATIC ANGLES! If you're wondering how I got this shot, it's simple. Jetpacks.
Intel had a HUGE section near Artists' Alley.
And what better way to show off than with arcade racers?
I found Jesus! He's looking good..?
Marvel had a huge area where they gave away freebies. Not sure what they were advertising.
They even had a setup with Captain America's uniform. I was unable to steal the shield.
Spider-Man, just hanging around as usual.
One amazing display of figures.
Get your very own Sharktopus! Wish I'd thought to make one.
Man-Leia, Codex, Bumblebee. Best buddy-cop movie ever.
The REAL Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh were at their own panel, however.
Ivy was carrying Bats around with her, I think she may have overdone the toxin.
I wonder what kind of styling gel Saiyans use.
Skyward Sword's demo at the Nintendo booth always had a huge line. Watching Link watching someone play as Link is always fun, though.
I had to attempt to add this picture seven times before it actually went through. Even Blogger hates Halle Berry's Catwoman.
Bearded Hulk with Mjolnir and Cap's shield. Too afraid to ask him what else he has.
I know the girls are the focus here, but just LOOK AT THE GUY IN THE BACKGROUND. Creeper.
Rogue kept a nice buffer around her. No one wants to risk dying by a touch.
Sometimes at conventions you just need to sit down and rock out.
Family Guy, what hath thou wrought?
Of course, NYCC always has plenty of autograph opportunities.
Silk Spectre was also interviewing people on the floor. I guess the Justice Duo are trendsetters.
There were a LOT of Marty McFlys running around. That's what happens in time-travel, though.
Classic Wonder Woman! Back from the days where she was the Justice League's secretary (no joke, look it up).
Am I the only one that thinks Power Rangers should drive Power Wheels?
It just isn't Comic-Con without the Super-family.
Mass Effect 3 is coming soon. This guy is ready.
The Delorean time machine wedged between two Batmobiles. GOOD PARKING, MCFLY.
For my money, this is the real Batmobile. The only true one.
The Empire rewards class.
The Rebellion rewards something else.
Of course, the Empire isn't exactly friendly to fans. Evil isn't personable.
Brian O'Halloran was at the con. Extremely nice guy, who even swung by to say a quick hello as we were packing up Saturday night.
Hey Octavius Fong! I found your new arch-nemesis! Felt-Superman!
Mace Windu. Always Classy.
Some people just always look like they're posing...
...Mainly because they are.
Mark Hamill was at the con, too! Everyone wanted his Joker voice, apparently.
Even more celebrities! So many cameras for this shot and I don't think Cranston looked at any of them.
The most common pose you'll see when superheroes are around.
McFly with sideburns? I APPROVE.
There was also a nice setup where you could get a photo-op as an action figure.
So of course the Justice Duo had to get in on it.
The Golden Eagle figure even comes with microphone accessories!
These guys looked so good, they had trouble even getting inside the building. Everyone wanted their picture, even us.
Well what do you know, Justice has fans! Yes, they were actually recognized.
I got sucker punched. DO HO HO.
Steampunk Cobra. Yup, it's a thing, and it's awesome.
The heroes had their little action figure photo-op. Villains get a THRONE.
"So I said, 'Capacitor? Damn near killed her!' AHAHAHAHA-oh come on Vader, lighten up."
The Green Dawn is actually a Transformer. He turns into a unicycle.
Giant costumes look cool, but have troubles with stairs.
Tink and Bladezz cosplay. The Guild has gotten quite popular.
The Eagleheart panel. Chris Elliott death-punched half the audience. Blood everywhere.
Oh I'm just kidding, they're all quite nice. Elliott is actually one of the Green Dawn's heroes, so meeting him was a lot of fun.
I wasn't kidding.
Another photo-op area. Nice big red carpet.
The Duo's battle pose!
This is pretty much how they are all the time.
Do you see why I like to mess with them so much?
Of course, I was very happy to take advantage of the photo-op, as well.
So very happy.
Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment was there.
A very happy man, pleased to talk with everyone in the huge line that formed to meet him.
He also gave free autographs to anyone that had bought stuff at the Troma booth. Probably the best autograph deal at the convention.
We got a chance to talk to Chris Torres, who was also constantly mobbed with fans. Check below for the video.
Fools were pitied.
Bender spent a good amount of time dancing, it seems.
Master Shake goes where he wants, when he wants, and how he wants.
This was taken moments before the stabbed the Golden Eagle repeatedly. I assume that's what happened, anyway.
This guy was on stilts in order to make his limbs seem loong and gangly enough to truly be Skellington. Impressive stuff.
We also went to the IFC panel, which covered two popular shows.
The first half was for 'The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret' starring David Cross.
H. Jon Benjamin moderated the panel. Things were a little crazy.
It calmed down, though, and was a very entertaining panel. Eventually, it came time for questions from the audience...
...and by audience, I mean H. Jon Benjamin.
The second half was for 'Portlandia' starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein; and was moderated by Seth Meyers.
More swag!
The Vixens of Virtue and Vixens of Vice were also there. We ran into them last year, nice group.
They remembered us, too!
I don't know how those wings can fit through doors.
And finally, one of my favorite outfits of the event. Probably some of the best Cowboy Bebop cosplay I've ever seen.
Great stuff, right? What's that I hear? You still want more?!

Well, you're in luck, because we got a ton of footage for you. Grab some popcorn, settle in, and check out the madness:


First, we have an overview video of the whole event, full interview videos will be farther below:

Next, Matt Inman creator of The Oatmeal's full interview with the Justice Duo:

And my follow-up:

My full interview with the Steampunk girl from Geek Girl Productions:

Justice's full interview with Fred Wood of Sure to be Ban'd, and a list of other projects:

And my follow-up with him:

The full interview with Ghostbuster Deadpool:

Justice's full interview with Katie Tiedrich, creator of the webcomic Awkward Zombie:

And again, my follow-up:

The full interview with Quailman:

My full interview with Chris Torres of PRguitarman:

And the mayhem of what I caused in Justice's full interview with him:

Did you enjoy all that? Good, because you'll now notice that you just spent over half an hour watching all of those. I'm never giving you that time back.

In the end, the event was a blast. Lots of fun was had by all, especially in my constant tormenting of the Duo.

I'm going to wrap this up by thanking everyone we talked to for being such great sports and going along with our nonsense. Go check out everything our interviewees do, they're great people. I want to give a special thanks to everyone that was working at the Halolz/Level Up Studios booth, since most of our interviews happened there, and everyone working went above and beyond in making sure we got to do our scheduled interviews. Go buy their stuff.

Until next time!