Thursday, August 25, 2011

Illustration/Photoshop/Etc CHALLENGE/CONTEST/THING

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Obsidian Labs Auto-Update enabled

Retrieving recorded message



"Hello friends. I've already begun work on my next video, but seeing how time travel doesn't usually sit well with my camera droids, I've had to send communications forward through time for the Lab's computer to transcribe to you.

My adventure is going well, thank you for your concern, but it seems whatever affected the re-purposed Malignobot's time-return mechanism has spread to my own. Thankfully, I'm still capable of travel, but I'm forced to jump somewhat blind. I've already visited a number of periods in history, but have yet to find my way home.

Hopefully I'll be able to lock onto the chrono-fluctuations this message makes and work my way back, but until then, I'm issuing forth a challenge.

I need visual evidence of my trip through time, and without my camera droid following me, I leave it to your imaginations!
So, draw/photoshop/paint/whatever your ideas of what has been happening to me throughout time!
What happened when I found the Malignobot? Where did I go from there? What famous events did I stumble into? What events in time are now entirely my fault? I leave it entirely to you!

So create your images and send them to me at! I'll accept submissions until the 15th of September, giving you three whole weeks to come up with your best work!

Once the time is up, I'll put as many of the best images together as I can to tell the official story of my adventure through time, and one lucky artist will receive the grand prize: ONE WHOLE DOLLAR (I'm poor, it's the best I can do).

So get working, and best of luck to you all! With your help, history can be set back to normal and I can go back to ruining people's day back in the present."


End of message

Obsidian Labs Auto-Update terminated

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Ask the Professor #2

In which I finally answer a difficult question.

I reference a few other villains who I respect. Hopefully, they won't try to kill me for this.
If you'd like to know who I'm talking about, their work can be found at the following links:
Agent Wraith
Lord Malignance
Octavius Fong

Next time: I fix things.
Until then!