Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NYCC Roundup!

Well, this post comes about a month or so after the fact, but with the amount of stuff you're about to see it should come as no surprise as to why it took so long.

You see, recently, New York City became filled with superheroes, villains, comic characters, cartoon characters, videogame mascots, and all kinds in-between for one weekend in October. Of course, no gathering of supervillains would be complete without yours truly, so I went and brought along as many camera-wielding robots as could fit in the subway.

Now, most of what you'll see here is from Day 2 of the event. The reason for this is because on Day 1, I was tailing some of my most hated enemies, the Justice Duo, who were also documenting the whole event.

This is already far too long of an introduction, so without further ado, here are a bunch of photos. If you're looking for the interview videos from the day, just keep scrolling, they're right underneath the photos.

Outside the convention, everyone was greeted by some giant banners.

And if you kept looking, an advertisement for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Inside, there were people everywhere. This is probably the quietest the floor ever looked, and that's only because not everyone was in yet.

Everywhere you looked, something interesting was going on. This guy, for example, spent the entire day doing this chalk drawing. You can see more of the progress of this in one of the videos below.

Outside the Uglydoll booth, I ran into this adorable fellow. Looks like someone genetically engineered a full size ugly. I, personally, would have gone even bigger. Ugly Kong.

Death and Delirium from the Sandman comics were both out and about. I'm not sure why everyone around wanted a picture of Delirium, but she was constantly surrounded by cameras.

Of course, I am a fan of Death's work, so I had to get a picture.

Deadpool and Domino ran into me early on as well. Thankfully, Deadpool usually works for money, not justice, so I was pretty safe.

Some poor Starfleet officers got confused and thought the stage was the bridge of their ship.

Another reason I was safe, the Empire was patrolling the halls. The only reason this trooper stopped me was because of my robots. I had to assure him they weren't the droids he was looking for.

Of course, putting a lot of heroes and villains together can be dangerous, and that poor trooper was soon stalked by an assassin. Comic-con has a strict 'no killing' rule, but it can be so hard to follow.

I really should have bought a Gundam. All I'd need to do is enlarge it and presto, instant epic mech battle with my nemeses.

Of course, with so many options, I never would have been able to choose anyway.

There were actually a couple Ghostbusters wandering the convention. I'm guessing the Javits Center had a haunting recently?

Sega had a booth. Most game companies have booths at Comic-Con. It's become a multimedia event, not just comics.

Nearby, a banner for Ultramarines. I'm guessing the armies of Warhammer 40k are recruiting again.

However, I don't think a troll from Homestuck was there to sign up to be a marine.

October 2010, the internet became self-aware and decided to go to Comic-con. Side note: the internet is dumb.

It's bigger on the inside. I tried to get in, but as you can see, I wasn't going to risk being on the wrong end of that Sonic Screwdriver.


These were all the work of Nathan Sawaya, brick artist. It was by far one of my favorite displays at the event. If it wasn't being constantly guarded by superheroes, I'm sure someone would have taken one.

Link recognized me for evil right away and made a move for the Master Sword. I'm not ashamed to say I ran.

Dr. Horrible was there! It's always good to see him come out to things. He's been so mopey ever since the murder that got him into Bad Horse's crew. Side note: Turns out I am really short.

One of the Joker's traps, no doubt. Wind it up, let it go, and watch as it sets fire to a school bus.

I ran into the Scarecrow. We traded fear toxin recipies. It was fun.

Sure, Snake looks old now. Don't remind him, though, or you'll end up like the PMC he's standing on.

Spoiler: The Panel. It was PACKED. You can see my interview with these guys from Disorganization XIII in one of the videos below.

I taped 'kick me' signs to both of them. They then beat the crap out of me, and my robots just sat there watching. Useless camera-droids.

Thor and his mighty hammer, along with some guy and his mighty tee-shirt.

Dear X-Men. Your roster is ridiculously large. 30 vs 1 is not a fair fight. Please stop beating me up en masse. Yours, Prof. Obsidian.

Where's my toy?! Magneto gets one, why not me?

At first, I thought Dr. Strange was going to cast some horrible spell on me in return for me stealing some shingles off his roof.

Turns out he was just summoning up some ice cream for War Machine. Haagen-Dazs, ice cream so good, it's actually from another plane of existence.

And now for the videos! First off, here's a rundown of the entire day:
That bit of music at the end, by the way? I've got a theme song now, thanks to Reginald L. Seay. And I only had to kidnap him once to get it!

Now here's the full interview with The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros:
Unfortunately, I did not get to run into a shape-shifting David Bowie.

The full Disorganization XIII interview:

If you're too lazy to type out that address, let me just say that I hate you. Then, just click here instead.

The full Ghostbuster interview:

A few more bank heists and I get to put a ghost in the Green Dawn's hat.

And finally, the full interview with DC's finest:

Running into The Joker is always a highlight to my day.

And that does it. That was my experience at the 2010 New York City Comic-Con. It was a lot of fun, I got to learn some new tricks to use on my enemies, got to run into old colleagues, and got to torment the Justice Duo a little bit. Of course, they ran into me at the end and got their stuff back, which is why you see Justice logos all over those videos.

Oh well, at least I got to wipe gum on their mic.

If you want to see more stuff from Comic-con, you can check out UndyingMagic's flickr, The Justice Duo's youtube page, or Justice Production's main page. Don't forget to also follow me on facebook, where you can get in touch with me directly. Or just e-mail me at ProfObsidian@gmail.com.

Until next time, lackeys.

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  1. Professor Obsidian,

    A great and fun adventure, and One thanks you for sharing. One couldn't attend, but thanks to you, One truly wishes One had.

    You ruled by far in every picture. Who could match your character? None!

    Keep up the Evil work,
    -Lord Malignance