Thursday, January 12, 2012

Roaming Eye of Doom Episode 1

It seems villainy on the internets have been going through quite a bit of interesting mayhem, and I keep finding myself in the middle of it.

Last month, of course, saw my accidental involvement in a whole holiday fiasco. My preparations for Claus's arrival leading directly to some major happenings on Agent Wraith's internet radio program.

This time, it seems the folks over at the Roaming Eye of Doom (who still haven't let me into their exclusive facebook club, what's up with that?) have been going through a bit of an adventure, which I will attempt to put in order here for you all.

The latest video of their adventure, released today, will show you exactly how I got mixed up into this. It seems some of the Eye's top agents have gone missing and everyone's on the case:

The Roaming Eye of Doom: Episode One from Eddie Danger on Vimeo.

So, Blackheart and Baroness go missing, and Fury calls for my aid. I do all that work getting them a brand new, untested piece of EXPENSIVE equipment, and not only does he not pay attention to my instructions, he STEALS MY DELIVERY ROBOT.

Now, if you want to know what happened to Blackheart and the Baroness, they put together a video that shows their end of the adventure:

All of Fury's hard work for nothing it seems. Except to get his thieving butt into trouble.

But, I hear you wondering, why would Lord Malignance (friend of Obsidian Labs) mess with Fong and the Eye (also friends of the Labs)? The Eye has an answer:

...oh just great. Love.

Don't you fools know that only leads to stupidity and pain? One must avoid it at all costs, or else you find yourself tangled in some spider-themed villainess's web wondering how you're going to get down in time to watch your telenovelas.

...not that I know anything about that...


Congratulations to Captain Blackheart and the Baroness for their engagement, by the way.

If you want to see more of the Roaming Eye of Doom's adventures in Superhero mocking, or Lord Malignance's adventures in being Lord Malignance, check out the links below. Until next time, kids. I'll try to post more of this tale as it develops.

The Roaming Eye of Doom's Vimeo
Eye Station 19's Youtube
Fury and Fong's Youtube
Lord Malignance's Youtube
You can also track down most of these filmmakers/villains on the Facebook.

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