Wednesday, December 5, 2012

OLIVR's Journey

Hello all! Olivr here!

While the Professor is busy setting up video capabilities at the new main facility, he's left me in charge of this month's update.

I asked him what I should post about, and he just said "Everyone loves you, you could read the phone book for an hour and the audience would be enthralled. Do they even make phone books anymore?" This distracted thought then caused him to hit his thumb with a hammer and yell a number of choice statements that I shan't repeat here.

But enough stalling. You all know what happened to the Professor when the satellite hit, but we haven't told my story of how I got to NYC.

As I was leaving the lab, the tunnels leading directly to other facilities began to cave in. So, using an escape route, I managed to get topside and run into some of our neighbors. Here you can even see the exit from the tunnels behind the tree.
They offered to give me a place to stay until I knew where I was going, so I offered to help out in their garden in return.
I had plenty to do.
Afterward, they were very nice and gave me lunch! Granted, I don't actually need to eat, but I can convert most organic material into fuel for later energy use.
OH! OH! Also, they have a cat! I never played with a cat before! At least, not a normal cat. Most of the cat-like creatures we had at the lab were either made of fire or oranges or something not fuzzy.
I continued to keep myself busy as I waited for word on where the Professor would turn up.
And they continued to feed me. Soda actually works great as a fuel for me, I should let the Professor know.
We even watched movies together. They even made sure we watched robot movies so I would feel welcome.
However, something felt wrong. For the first time since my creation, I had an excess of fuel stored. If I didn't do something about it, it could go radioactive and leak into my other systems.
How do you humans put up with this?
Soon enough, word appeared of strange debris landing in New York. While others began claiming the usual suspects: government project, UFOs, etc. I knew it had to be objects from the lab, and that the Professor would be nearby.
They gave me one last meal, to restore any fuel loss and to prepare me for the journey ahead.
Then they gave me a ride all the way up to the new lab! By this point, the Professor had activated a beacon I and the other surviving robots could track.
It was a nice vacation, but I'm glad to have gotten back to work. We're still moving things and fixing things, but things have gotten back to normal enough for the annual NYCC coverage, and soon we'll be back on track to share all our stories with you all!
I can't wait!
Special thanks to my real-life parents for taking care of Olivr while I moved, and for taking these pictures, giving me an easy update while things are still getting set up.

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