Monday, November 18, 2013

NYCC 2013

Bit of a delay getting everything together for the update this year, what with the lab in chaos, but it's ready!

NYCC 2013!

As always, pictures first, video at the bottom. Not too many pictures this year, as I tried to get everything into the video. Still, here's your taste of what I got to see last month:


The very first thing you saw this year was a giant tent where they scanned your badge to let you in.

Science Channel set up a giant air cannon outside. It didn't fire while I was there, and no one would let me take it back to the lab.

Is it just me, or did Stark build a different suit for every day of the year?


Somewhere there's a green Iron Man suit for St. Patrick's Day, I'm sure.

Conventions can be tiring. Even the Dark Knight enjoys a tasty beverage to keep hydrated.

I've got a wall in the labs very similar to this.

Watch your fingers...

Steampunk marionettes make me happy.

The twins from Bioshock Infinite were flipping coins all day.

This poor woman couldn't walk five feet without getting mobbed for pictures. She eventually mowed them all down with her arm.


Catwoman and Zatanna were there, and they were...uh...they...sorry, I seem to have lost my train of thought.

I was almost assassinated. Thankfully he didn't hit anything important. Just a lung.


You will never collect all the iron suits.


Of course, plenty of Batman figures as well.

Riddler trophies! Hide these somewhere in your house and make snarky comments when your friends find them.

Vash seems much more comfortable in a climate controlled building rather than the desert.

Spaceballs! There were two of these guys, and they were awesome.

Always a healthy contingent of Ghostbusters to keep the venue safe from unwanted hauntings.

This Kaylee was so dead on she even has the smile down perfect. Almost creepy.

I visited a Steampunk panel, where they talked of what steampunk is and how it is growing. The future of yesterday, TODAY!

I also visited the 'Oddities' panel, where they previewed some clips from the new season and showed off some stuff from the store. These people are responsible for a decent amount of the lab's equipment.

Skull Kid got the mask back, keep an eye on the moon.

No convention is complete without Pyramid Head appearing behind you.


And now, the moment you've been waiting (scrolling?) for!
Hope you've got half an hour to kill.

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