Thursday, October 20, 2011


While I wait for the NYCC coverage to be edited, and while I slowly put together the next bit of my time-travel saga, yet another video has entered the stage.

Some time ago, I was asked very nicely by Octavius Fong's kids over at the Roaming Eye of Doom to do a little something for their Villains United video. It seems all the internet villains were going to show solidarity in their mocking internet superheroes.

This is what they came up with:

Now what does this teach us?

That there are some online who are willing to ignite their own house.
That the Roaming Eye of Doom hosts a kickass dance party.
I'm pretty sure they're implying that they have a volcano lair (I'm a little jealous, I just have a hole that leads to the Earth's mantle covered up with a piece of plywood).
Pistols and revolvers are the weapon of choice of hot chicks and stylish men with tricorner hats.
That Fong looks A-DORABLE in that little hat on the swing.

Valuable lessons, all.

But I hear you. You're yelling at your computer screen right now:
"But Professor! This is a video for the Real-Life communities! You never do that stuff, you're fictional!"

A) Shut up, I am exactly 100% as real as Batman.

See? Real.
B) The Roaming Eye of Doom has been doing quite well in the entertainment aspect of villainy, and I have enough respect for that to be willing to help out.
3) I knew I could make that point in my piece and have it respected (and it was).

Now, of course, they couldn't use my full clip, because I shot too much and it needed to fit the video's flow. If, however, you would like to see the entirety of what my camera droids recorded, I am more than happy to oblige. Enjoy!

Until next time!
(P.S.: Bar Harbor Batman, you are so awesome. If I'm ever in your area, we are dance battling.)

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  1. Professor,

    Absolutely spot on. Perfect. One is surrounded by such talented people. You maintained your position beautifully - masterfully.

    A salute to you.

    Victory for Villainy!

    You are and remain an inspiration,
    -Lord Malignance